Oh, when that BOMBER MAN goes down that field

He is a perfect Joe from head to heel.

He's got that smile, that style, that winning way.

No matter where you go you'll recognize him and you'll say,

"Now there's a man I'd like to know.

He's got that Bomber Spirit, pep and go!"

And when you look at him, it's quite a treat.

You cannot beat...A BOMBER MAN!



Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, 'neath an Ozark sky!

Sing we now, thy sons and daughters, To old Mountain Home High.

As you stand in hills of splendor, Near the lakes' blue tide,

Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Great and dignified!

Holding high what thou hast taught us, Thee we'd not decry;

There's a pride which thou has brought us, Dear old Mountain Home High.

So we love our Alma Mater, Decked with gold and blue;

We will always carry honor, And a love for you!

All the peace of your surroundings, Adds to our heart's thrills;

We are glad that you are nestled in the Ozark hills.

As we leave those halls of learning, may our thoughts apply

To the place for which we're yearning, Dear old Mountain Home High.