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Dr. Leigh Anne Gigliotti

Dr. Leigh Anne Gigliotti is the GT Director for the district.  She has been involved in education for 20 years.  This is her 10th year as the Director of GATE for MHPS.  She works together with the GT Teachers and over 200 identified students in the program.  When asked what she likes about working in the department, Dr. Gigliotti replied, “I love children.  It is very rewarding to be able to work with students.  Students are an inspiration!”   

Ms. Cristy Neighbors 

Cristy Neighbors is the GT Facilitator for K-2.  She has been working in GT for 15 years.  She works with 18-20 students at the Kindergarten, and sees all 650 students at Nelson-Wilks-Herron for 30 minutes of enrichment each week.  At NWH, all 2nd graders participate in Chess Club. In the Fall and Spring, all students have the opportunity to experience hobbies and interests in the I Can Club Days. The first one for 2015 will be on November 20, and volunteers are welcome!  When asked what she likes best about teaching GT, Ms. Neighbors replied, “I love helping students to discover their gifts, talents and passions.  I am rewarded daily by the students’ joy and excitement when learning.”

Ms. Anne Sargent

Anne Sargent is the GT facilitator for grades 6-12.  She has been involved with GT for 20 years, with this being her first year at MHSD.  She is very busy with 30 6th graders two times a week, 25 7th graders to start GT classes 2nd semester, 40 students at the junior high on Wednesdays during advisory, and 60 identified GT students at the high school who can see her during late start.  Programs she heads at Pinkston are Quiz Bowl and Geography Bee, and a pilot program with the 6th grade class. She explains, “I won the Mountain Home Education Foundation Making It Work in the World grant.  Because of this, 6th grade GT students will be visiting Heifer Ranch as part of the grant.  Students will be working with Southern Tag and Label as part of the grant.  We will visit the plant a couple times during the unit of study.”   She offers Quiz Bowl at both the junior and senior high levels, as well as Governor’s School for senior high GT and field trips for both levels.  She and the district are working on finding ways to increase her contact with these levels.  Governor’s School applications will be out around October 1.  When asked what she likes about teaching GT, Mrs. Sargent replied, “I love teaching GT students.  I enjoy the freedom to plan curriculum that interest students and creates opportunities for higher level thinking as well as creative thinking.  I love seeing the spark in their eyes when they figure something new out.  For the most part GT kids love to learn and so do I.  Can’t imagine teaching anything else.”

Ms. Marsha Partney 

Marsha Partney is the GT Facilitator for grades 3-5 at Hackler Intermediate School.  This is her ninth year of teaching Gifted and Talented.  Hackler has sixty-one identified Gifted and Talented students who receive at least 150 minutes per week of GATE resource class and direct instruction with her.  She is also the MHPS Spelling Bee coordinator, so grades 3-8 will have spelling bee this year.  They will compete in both Geography Bee and Quiz Bowl. When asked what she enjoys most about teaching GT, Mrs. Partney said, “Working with gifted and talented students is what I love about my job.  I have the luxury of having my students for three years in a row, so I get to be a part of facilitating their learning and growth into independent learners.  I know that my students have unique needs academically and emotionally; and I try to meet those unique needs to allow my students to reach their great potential!  I also enjoy getting to know the parents and families of my students as they accompany us on field trips, attend functions, and many volunteer at Hackler, as well.”  


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Extra Curricular Activities for GATEStudents


Grade K

Grades 1-2

 Grade 3 

Grades 4-8

Grades 6-7

  • Literacy Fair at Pinkston Middle School
  • Junior Olympic Engineering Competition
  • Odyssey of the Mind
  • Spelling Bee
  • Quiz Bowl
  • First Lego League   
  • 6th Grade Noetic Math Competition

Grades 8-9

Grades 10-12

  • Quiz Bowl
  • First Robotics Competition 
  • Arkansas Governor’s School
  • Arkansas Girls State
  • Arkansas Boys State
  • National Honors Society


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